At Park Place we are passionate and committed to provide a fun and inviting learning environment for your child. We believe that the pre-school years are one of the most exciting times for a family as your child’s learning experiences skyrocket. Preschoolers are energetic, eager, and curious. We provide the ideal learning conditions for your child to be challenged and engaged in meaningful play. Our approach reflects the emerging interests and individual goals for each child. We are 100% committed to the total developmental needs of your child – physical, emotional, intellectual, and social.

Park Place Pre-K  program is based on The Creative Curriculum for Pre-School, developed by Teaching Strategies, Inc. This creative and innovative method of teaching is used in the highest quality schools and centers across the United States, Canada, and Australia. The foundation of The Creative Curriculum approach are well-planned and designed learning centers, Favorite Zones, that allow children to choose and engage in self directed play. The creative curriculum encourages small group activities complimented by supportive teaching that prepares each child for further academic success. The program offers pre-math (an introduction to the concept of numbers recognition, counting, & geometric shapes) and pre-reading (the introduction to the alphabet visually and orally) and listening comprehension. The program strives to further develop the student’s self confidence and social development, focusing on learning to share and relating in a group environment. Our curriculum is designed for hands-on experiences and explorations to help promote learning through the use of language, music, art, games, storytelling, fine & gross motor activities and cognitive activities.

Our caring and knowledgeable degreed staff are passionate in creating lesson plans to incorporate all of the key learning experiences of early childhood education.

Park Place also incorporates computers and educational software in our Pre-K Program curriculum, along with more advanced music, art, and outdoor education. Our specially designed playground with a natural playscape area provides the much needed physical outlet for these very busy young children and will continue to provide the opportunity for fun and camaraderie in an exciting outdoor setting.

We would like to welcome you to our Pre-K’s  Program. Our staff  at park Place believes that it is a honor to assist in the growth and development of your child for elementary school readiness.

Preschool staff:

Mrs. Kayla F, Mrs. Anna 
Ms. Michelle, Ms. Terri C