Our Junior Toddlers, generally between 12 months to 24 months of age, are a busy and fun group indeed!
Learning to perfect the art of walking, climbing, sliding and riding helps build their gross motor skills that are essential as the children progress from infancy to toddler-hood. This stage is a critical time for us to help build the foundations for each essential developmental stage including physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Your child will be cheered and encouraged to explore and learn through open-ended and structured activities.
Park Place places great emphasis on the individuality of each child. Our caring and knowledgeable trained staff  are passionate in the care of young children. They provide the environment for your toddler to grow at his/her own pace in an atmosphere of comfort, security and love. We further enhance that uniqueness by offering a low teacher/child ratio which allows time for positive interaction between the teacher and toddler. Individual uniqueness and growth is a key concept in our program. All children are given opportunities to increase their gross and fine motor skills through exploration of various manipulative materials and developmentally appropriate toys and equipment.
Our toddler classroom has been specially designed to promote the key learning experiences of early childhood development.

Our Senior Toddlers, generally between 24 months to 36 months of age, are little explorers looking to soak up lots of knowledge!

We use Creative Curriculum approach to learning, places emphasis on learning through play. When children play they are generating many connections and neural pathways within their brain. Play is a critical component because it motivates a child to interact with others and the environment. We provide a safe framework where your child plays, learns, and develops as they explore and experience the various centers or zones and structured activities.
Incorporated into our program is an emphasis on communication and language skills. Our lesson plans are designed to keep toddlers’ young minds as active as their toddling bodies. We introduce many concepts including colors, shapes and community helpers. Self-help skills such as feeding themselves, beginning potty training, independence, and self-confidence are fostered in our young toddlers. We offer activities for children to explore their world through art, music, and creative movement in a challenging and stimulating environment.

We would like to welcome your child to our Jr./Sr. Toddler Program and would be delighted to share with you the excitement and joys of your toddler’s day-to-day development. We consider it a privilege to be a part of that growth and development, and look forward to a wonderful relationship with you and your child.

Jr Toddler Room Staff: Ms Dee– Lead Teacher;   Ms Michelle-  Assistant

Sr. Toddler Room Staff: Mrs. Crystal ~ Lead Teacher;  Miss. Kayla C ~ Assistant